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• We'll build and prepare datasets for machine learning

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Data markup from LabelMe

LabelMe prepares datasets for companies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning in their products. We do everything from data collection to dense markup of three-dimensional scans and UX testing. The list of services is constantly updated.

Founded in October 2019.

Turnkey markup

No messing around with templates. We will mark up all the data ourselves, conduct quality control, perform a free test and sign an NDA contract. You are only required to indicate the task.

Our business

Data markup is performed by trained specialists from different countries, and the workflow is monitored by the co-founder of LabelMe - Soslan Mamitov

Individual approach

We assign a separate specialist even for the smallest task and put together a designated team of specialists for each type of markup.

Own software

We have developed programs to optimize the workflow of our markups. This secret software allows you to quickly attract dozens of qualified specialists from India and the CIS countries to the task.

Special offers for startup

We understand how difficult it is for startups to find funding, so LabelMe offers special conditions for startups.

Our advantages

UX testing

LabelMe can act as application testers. We have a large number of devices for testing. For large orders, we buy the missing/required software ourselves


Each contractor signs a non-disclosure agreement, and the software on which our specialists work records the screen. We can track their productivity and prevent data leaks.

Our services

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Test dataset for free!

Get the test dataset on your desk 3 hours after the final order discussion! Upload the files for the task and provide a brief description in the pop-up form.

How to become a LabelMe partner:

If you bring a customer to us, we guarantee you 5% of the order amoun
Recommend our services
We discuss the order details
You get 5% of the contract amount on the day of the transaction
*We guarantee 5% for each order that will come from you in future
*Reimbursement is made by money transfer to Sberbank, Tinkoff and Raiffeisenbank cards in Rubles.

Why is LabelMe better than hiring random people on labor exchanges?

You contact us and tell us what dataset is required for your tasks - from now on, we do everything
for you.
You spend a lot of time filling out the template for the task and manually checking the data for compliance with the TOR
Full information support. At any time, you can check the order status with the manager assigned to you.
The time spent on obtaining the finished dataset depends on the personal experience and responsibility of the contractor.
We give exact deadlines and do not break them.
You need to manually check the status of your task on the labor exchange.
Team of specialists
Labor exchange
Not all freelancers have the necessary experience to properly mark up the data.
Experienced taggers. All our specialists are trained for each type of markup.
The quality of the result depends on how accurately the performers adhere to the terms of reference. Lack of experience and lack of additional training may lead to a deterioration in the quality of the dataset.
We strive to achieve the best quality of our datasets through special software and a pyramidal quality assessment system, where the markers above the rank check the work of the markers below the rank.
Our Clients
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Get a test dataset 3 hours after the final discussions of your task!
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Individual commercial offers, NDA agreements and legal guarantees.
Our workers sign a contract prohibiting the disclosure of the details of the orders.
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